Rental Houses Insurance

When in the business of renting houses, there are considerations that need to be made to protect your business. Renting houses can leave you susceptible to liability claims as exposed to property damaged losses associated with weather, crime and other perils. The insurance experts at Mobile Insurance will recommend insurance coverage that will stand up to the risks of owning and managing rental homes.
The potential for financial risk is great when renting multiple rental houses. You are not only responsible for the safety of your residents, you could be liable if a worker or visitor is hurt on your property as well. Mobile Insurance will recommend the appropriate coverage for your property, so the financial health of your business is protected.
Listed below are some of the benefits available in our multiple rental home program:
All homes are insured under one policy
No maximum number of homes under one policy
Deductible options from $500 to $25,000
1 to 4 family units
Preferred rates on homes 60 years old and newer
All homes renew on the same date
Flexibility to add or delete a home during the policy year
Rate discounts for professional property management

Business income and extra expense included (loss of rents)
Premium financing available