Our Team

Kurt Kelley

Husband, Father, Adventurer, Businessman, Lawyer, and Owner/President of Mobile Insurance.

Kurt is the President of Mobile Insurance. He’s an Honors Graduate from both the University of Colorado and the University of Oklahoma Law School. Kurt has been part of Mobile since 1996 when it only had five employees. He says working as a lawyer in divorce, custody, and criminal cases was just too sad so he followed his family into the insurance industry. Kurt’s the funniest, or second funniest when Hayden is here, employee at Mobile, and he thinks he’s the smartest. He’s proud of not only the company’s steady growth and extraordinary client retention rate, but also of the nice home it is for all of Mobile’s employees. His favorite hobbies include regular workday lunches with his wife, climbing, skiing, motorcycling, target shooting, and reading. His favorite authors include Pat Conroy, Larry McMurtry, Vince Flynn, Leon Uris, and Tom Clancy. Because of Kurt’s business ethics, kind and generous heart, this staff would almost work for him for free…ALMOST.

Karie Martin

Witty, Wise and Wonderful, Dog-lover and Purse Collector, and Vice President of Mobile Insurance.

Karie, "the buck stops here", Martin is Mobile's beloved leader, defender, and trainer.  Both the staff and the clients know she has their back!  Karie keeps the everyone laughing while creating a top-notch, customer service oriented team.  She is the mother of two grown kids and as an "empty nester" she spends a great deal of her newly found "down time" staying late at the office.  Karie has been with Mobile since 2003 and is an irreplaceable foundation piece to this company.

Della Holland

Devout Christian, Quilter, and Animal-lover, and Operations Manager.

Kurt refers to Della as "Mobile's Den-Mother".  Della works behind the scenes doing whatever it takes to keep the business running.  She is Kurt and Karie's Executive Administrator as well as their personal assistant.  She makes sure the team has what they need to do their job efficiently, professionally, safely and comfortably.  Della is blissfully married to her husband, Marvin and they enjoy their combined 3 grown children and 6 grandchildren.

Gloria Theriault

Mom, Animal Rescuer, Brainiac, Real Estate Investor and Senior Commercial Insurance Agent.

With Mobile Insurance (formerly Monogram) since August 1987. Kurt always tells the rest of us to be more like Gloria as she has the best work ethic any of us have ever seen and is the heart of Mobile Insurance. Gloria cares for her many pets, some who would not have a home without her. Most have special needs including the happiest little blind dog in the world. Gloria upcycles and repurposes everything from old coffee table frames to lamps. Plus she does upholstering and a variety of crafting. An Army veteran, Gloria exercises regularly and plans to run a 10K soon. She and her late husband used to run many 10Ks during the year.

Patsy Norris

Joyful Believer, Wife, Mother of Four and Senior Commercial Insurance Agent.

Patsy Norris is a Senior Agent and our resident social butterfly; we often see her curly head bouncing around from desk to desk. Highly intelligent and equally engaging, she doubles as the Lead Agent Trainer. Patsy graduated from Faith Bible Institute and brings Mobile her experience in customer service from a commercial window cleaning business that she and her husband own. She enjoys spending time with her family, quilting, and learning about holistic health practices. Patsy is both a nerdy gardener and an avid cross-fit nut. She and her husband minister and teach preschoolers in the AWANA Club at their church.

Christina Cranston

Mother, Traveler, Reading Enthusiast and Accounting Manager.

Christina is known for being exceptionally organized. Her organizational skills have been utilized exponentially at Mobile during her 12 years as a Commercial Insurance Agent and the last two years working as the Accounting Manager. Her outgoing personality is a characteristic she is known for. After work she enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with her husband and children.

Kathy Willis

Avid Reader, Mom, Exercise Enthusiast, and Senior Commercial Insurance Agent.

Kathy began at Mobile after her husband’s job transfer to Texas in 2007 and easily mastered both bonds and commercial insurance. "Ms. Perfect" is smart, meticulous, well-spoken and rarely takes a minute off. A graduate from the University of Illinois, she enjoys yoga and walking her two dogs. Kathy has been married for 28 years and has two children. She has praise-worth reputation of never having an unkind word to say about anyone.

Camille Vaughan

Christian, Wifey, Mum, and Commercial Insurance Asian… I mean-Agent.

Originally from Los Angeles, Camille brings with her 10 years of insurance experience with 2 years of concentration in Workers Compensation. Camille is our quiet one that makes us all laugh regularly. Kurt calls her his favorite Californian ever. Camille and her husband have been joyfully married for almost a decade and recently grew their family by adopting two school-aged kiddos. As a family, The Vaughans enjoy volunteering together, watching movies, bike riding, yelling at referees while watching basketball games and exploring Texas.

Trena Montgomery

Wife, Yogi, Cat Fanatic and Commercial Insurance Agent and Bonds Manager.

Trena received her degree in Business from Sam Houston State University in 2012 and worked in insurance before coming to Mobile. Trena is our “bond girl”. Trena has been married to George, a mechanical engineer, for almost three years. Their “children” are two cats named Peanut and Julius. Trena and George love spoiling their six nieces and nephews and then returning them to their parents, after an extra helping of ice cream. Trena enjoys building strength and focus with yoga and shopping until she drops. She is an avid fan of the show “Friends,” having seen each episode more than twenty times. She also enjoys baking, crocheting, and crafts.

Hayden Sarah Schoepf

Crafter, Decorator, Friend, Shopper, and Commercial Insurance Agent.

Hayden was adopted by Mobile in 2015. Born and raised in Washington D.C. with family in Boston, Philly, and at the Jersey Shore, she is our resident Yankee. When she isn’t devoting her life to the Insurance business, she loves spending quality time with her family and friends. She also enjoys watching the Fightin’ Texas Aggies dominate at everything they do. Hayden’s sense of humor keeps the office in stitches and it never stops…she turns any room into a brighter and better place to be in. We are fortunate to have her on our team.

Luz Alvizo

Crossfitt’er, 5K Runner, Favorite Auntie, Senior Administrator and future Insurance Agent.

Luz is Mobile’s fashionista and always pairs her cute outfits with her bright and beautiful smile.
She is our “Jack of all Trades” and does a little bit of every job there is. Best part is she does it joyfully and well. Some of her responsibilities include processing paperwork, handling all park inspections and heckling Karie Martin on a daily basis.
If Luz is not at work, you will find her at the gym training for her next 5K or spending time with her nephew. Besides being bi-lingual, she’s a "5 foot-nothing" of energy and smiles.

TexAnn Mathis

Wife, Mother, Corporate Secretary and Insurance Agent.

TexAnn is our longest serving Mobile Employee having started with the business when Mobile was owned by General Electric in the 1980’s. TexAnn is in charge of licensing, special projects, and auditing. Though she identifies as a Texas Aggie, she’s actually very bright and extremely detailed. She’s one of the reasons Mobile is the successful business it is today. TexAnn enjoys spending time with her Tae Kwon Do Black Belt granddaughter, Katie, as well as her daughter and son in law in Bryan, Texas.

Nicole “Nikki” Friday

Part-time Superhero, Full-time Mum of 4, and Full-time Personal Lines Manager

Nikki is Mobile’s newest Personal Lines Manager and has been making great leaps and bounds under the guidance of Miss Dana Litle. Although born in Los Angeles, California, Nikki was raised in the great State of Texas! Outside of Mobile, she is a full-time mother to four beautiful children, Tk, Tenmari, Tank, and Bobbi. Nikki is enrolled at The University of Phoenix in pursuit of a degree in business management. She is an avid reader, a lover of song & dance, and enjoys spending time with family. Anyone who knows Nikki admires her superhero abilities in balancing her time between family, work, and school.

Dana Litle

Decorator, Friend, Mother and Commercial Agent

After developing and growing our Personal Lines Department into a center of activity, Dana has moved to our Commercial Lines Department. With Dana’s profound understanding of coverages, we are sure that she will excel and be a superb Commercial Lines Account Manager. She enjoys interior decorating and spending time with her children.

Eric Kelley

Student, Bear Dodger, Skeet Shooter, Big truck driver, and Insurance Agent

Eric (the handsome Kelley in the office, … I hope his Dad doesn’t read this) has been recruited to join Mobile from the University of Oklahoma. Our quiet and respectful Eric plans to graduate in 2019 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Risk Management. Among other skills, Eric is our fearless protector from the pesky birds attacking our office windows, yet not so fearless when running from grizzly bears in Yellowstone that may or may not have been chasing him. He is also tasked with some of the dirtiest and worst jobs at the agency thanks to his Dad being a firm disbeliever in nepotism. Not only does Eric have his mother’s lavishly good looks and humble heart, he is also a talented basketball player, a skeet shooter, and the driver of a big pickup that has mileage so bad that the neighbors working in the oil industry regularly give him the thumbs up signal when he drives by. Eric is part of Mobile’s Marketing Division tasked with insuring Mobile Home Owners.

Grayson Ledergerber

Student, Bear Dodger, Easy-going, Football Player, and Insurance Agent

Grayson joins Mobile Insurance during the summer season. He is currently a student in pursuit of a degree in Finance at Oklahoma State University. Grayson is tasked with visiting area mobile home communities, speaking with park managers regarding insuring tenants’ homes, and re-designing flyers. Grayson is the most easy-going and laid back young man you will ever meet. In fact, he’s so laid back he holds the County record for the most times one person has lost his cell phone and/or wallet. Typically bright, he is not afraid to ask questions. If he ever comes up to you and says “Q,” be ready to answer a question. Our long Grayson is quite the athlete, too. He made a hole-in-one on a 320 yard uphill Par 4 and played linebacker in High School. We had to put lifts under his desk and computer so he could fit. And fortunately, he runs fast enough to outrun a grizzly bear in Yellowstone National Park which may or may not have been chasing him.

Jeanett Andrada

Mom of 3 smart boys, Extreme Couponer, Shopaholic, and Receptionist

Hailing from Nevada, Jeanett and her 3 sons ventured to Texas to see what the Lone Star State had to offer. To Mobile’s advantage, we scooped her up to make her work long hours, the weekends, and deal with difficult clients. Just kidding, Mobile is not open on the weekends.
Jeanett has worked at two large department stores and managed a specialty mercantile in Los Angeles, CA for several years. Prior to her move, she had the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom where she focused on her children’s education and volunteered at church events. Jeanett’s hobby is extreme couponing. If you don’t know what that is, that’s when people buy hundred dollars-worth of groceries for only a quarter.