manufactured houseing review

Manufactured Housing Review

Current Issue: March - 2017
  • What is News? Letter from the Editor – by Kurt Kelley
  • 2017 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show Draws Increase Attendance in all Categories Setting the Stage for Better Industry Experience in 2018 -by Bruce Savage
  • Squad Goals: Building Your HMC Dream Team – by Brad Johnson
  • Discrimination Claims 2016: What Was the Final Score? – by Kurt Kelley
  • Helping Homeowners Be Successful in the Best Interest of us All – by Paul Bradley
  • 9 Projects for 2017 to Enrich Both Your Live & Your Profitability – by SBS AMRAC & AgenciesOnline
  • The 10 Biggest Errors When Buying an HMC – by Dave Reynolds
  • Using Financing to Position Your Community for Long Term Success – by Gerard D. DiMarco
  • Using Multifamily Data to Evaluate Expected Lot Rent Ranges – by Casey Thom
  • MHR FOR MARCH = What I Want This Industry to be When it Grows Up and How to Get There – by Frank Rolfe
  • What Nobody Seems to Understand About Home Appreciation/Depreciation in Manufactured Homes – by Karie Martin
  • What’s the Rent? – by Joanna Stevens
Current Issue: February – 2017
  • Smart Investing for the business owner – by D. Austin Lewis
  • A primer on sensible investing in manufactured home communities – by Dave Reynolds
  • In Search of Value – by Frank Rolfe
  • A Modern Catch 22 – by Kurt D. Kelley
  • Resident owned communities – the other side of the story
  • The power of manufactured housing in the words of our presidents – by Frank Rolfe
  • An independent retailer’s on choosing a factory to represent - by