Important Forms

All States
Anti-Harassment Policy
Arbitration Agreement - Generic
Arbitration Agreement for Non-Texas Retailers
Buyers Guide (Warranty) for MH Consumers
Driver Checklist pre departure MH
Exercise Room and Equipment Waiver and Indemnification Form
FEMA - Formaldehyde in MH's Notice to Consumers
Financial Statement (Personal)
Financial Statement (Business)
Formaldehyde Exposure in Homes Notice
Hurricane Preparation
Internet, Email, and Computer Usage Policy
Mortgage Closing Checklist
Policy Regarding Use Of Social Media By Employees
Performance Agreement for Contractors and Contract Labor
Legal Release of All Claims
Performance Agreement for Subcontractors (All States)
Performance Agreement for Rental Home Contractors
Rental Home Move In Checklist
S.A.F.E. Act Compliance Recs
Service Animals ADA Requirements
Service Dog Letter from Tenant to Management
Service or Emotional Support Animal Letter Form from Tenant
Smoke Detector Acknowledgement
Ten Commandments Of Keeping Your Job
Temporary Step Notice Form
Tornado Preparation
Transporter Installer Contract
Transport Delivery Checklist
Trampoline Notice and Waivers
Wheels and Axles Notice to Home Buyers
Department of Labor New OT rules Summary by MHI
Fair Housing Sample Policies and Forms by MHI

All Other State Forms

Retailer Forms Package

LA Forms

Louisiana HUD Installation Disclosure Notice
Site Preparation Notice LA
Louisiana Manufactured and Modular Home Warranty Act and Acknowledgement (Effective 8/1/12)
Retailer Forms Package
State Standard Transportation & Installation Contract - Required for Louisiana


OK Forms
Consumer Disclosure For New Homes
Consolidated Oklahoma State Set Up Inspection Form
Installation Inspection Form
Retailer Forms Package
Used Motor Vehicle & Parts Commission


Texas Forms

Agreement and Bill of Sale - Purchase of Used Home for Business Use
Arbitration Agreement for Texas Retailers
Business Use Only Manufactured Home Sales Form, Texas
Informed Decision Form
Installation Checklist
Landlord and Tenant Guide for Texas Park Owners
Retailer Forms Package – TX
Site Preparation Notice
Selling, Transferring into Inventory, Taxing and Titling Process of a Used Manufactured Home Form
TDHCA Consent to Install Improperly Prepared Site
TDHCA Site Prep Notice
TDHCA Used Home Habitability Warranty & Disclosure
Titling Information for Manufactured Homes
TX Workers Comp - Agreement to Provide WC for Sub-contractor and its Employees DWC81
TX Workers Comp – Agreement to Make Subcontractors Independent TWCC85
TX Workers Comp - Employer Notice of No Coverage or Termination of Coverage DWC005
Warranty and Disclosure For A Used Manufactured Home
Workers Comp Notice to Texas - No Coverage

Texas Worker's Compensation

Texas Workers Compensation Notice of No Coverage to Individual Employee
Texas Workers Compensation Notice of No Coverage for Whole Workplace
Texas Workers Compensation Notice of Coverage to Individual New Employee
Texas Workers Compensation Notice of Coverage for Whole Workplace


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